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Time Flies…Brief Catch Up (with more to come)

November 8th, 2012 bjgome14

Wow, time really does fly when you’re not paying attention. I’ve been at York for 5 weeks and it feels like only yesterday I was shown my room and rummaging the surrounding area for food. There is too much to recap in just one entry but we’re going to have to touch on the key points.

1)   I was cast as a Shark in York University’s production of West Side Story!!!

2)   For Halloween I felt it was only appropriate to dress up as Peter Pan (when in England?)

3)   My flight to Paris is officially booked for New Years!

4)   My first paper is officially completed and handed in!

5)   I’m pretty sure I found Diagon Alley

Instead of trying to continue on like this, recapping every detail of the last month I can sum it up in a few short words.

It has been amazing!

I continue to meet new people every day. With week 5 of modules half way to a close, I can say I am finding my rhythm in the UK system.

Now, I do want to apologize because I blame myself for getting caught up in the rush of things and not taking the time to document each event in more detail. But I’ll be sure to cover the big events in some later posts (i.e. Halloween, Bon fire night, course details, etc) in individual posts. So please continue to read on!

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