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Halloween/Bonfire Night

November 22nd, 2012 bjgome14

A wonderful English Halloween. To be honest Halloween creeped up on me. Not having a TV to watch the 13 nights of Halloween or all the classics, such as Halloweentown or Hocus Pocus was strange. But none the less, I went out to celebrate the holiday. Costumes included a Chinese Take-Away container, two pumpkins, a pirate, and myself as Peter Pan.

Michael Jackson’s thriller could be heard on every street corner and it was a great night! Here are some snapshots from our night:

A Pirate and Crazy Peter Pan

Following Halloween is a traditional British Holiday known as Bon-Fire night. Something not commonly celebrated back home in the states. If you have seen the movie V for Vendetta then you are familiar with the background story. If not here is a link: Celebrated on November 5th, the night is filled with fireworks and bonfires as the sunsets. But as an added bit of information, Guy Fawkes was born in York!! So naturally we went to his birthplace (now a pub/hotel) and spent some time there before heading back to campus. Again…here are some snapshots from our night out:

Fireworks on Campus Guy Fawkes InnBirthplace

But now we are quickly moving into another holiday…Thanksgiving! And in an attempt to stay two steps ahead of Charlie Brown, we are organizing a full feast for not only the American students, but the other international students as well. Picture and more details to come after tomorrow night!

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